Grand Isle Events

Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo
July 25th, 26th, and 27th 2019

The oldest fishing tournament in the United States.

“They jump, they crash, they break tackle and bones. Tarpon possess the muscle and mass to defeat you in several different ways. Of course, that is precisely why we love them.” – Jerry Gibbs, Outdoor Life

The Grand Isle International Tarpon Rodeo is a time when this quiet Louisiana coastal community is bursting with people having a grand time at the beach and out on the water. The annual Tarpon Rodeo is the oldest fishing tournament in the U.S. The tournament takes place the last weekend of July. A host of activities are also part of the fun…live music, activities for the entire family, crab racing for the kids, contests, arts, crafts, food vendors, and artisans from the island and around region help make this rodeo a festival for all to enjoy.

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